15 mins. non-stop Kettlebell workout

Hello again,
so this is an example of what happens when I don´t want to stick to my routine and don´t want to miss out on my workout at the same time.

I swing the KB for 15 Mins. I´ve done 35 minutes, but I don´t see the benefit of doing this anymore. I mean, if you start losing the ability to maintain proper form, then this type of workout is suboptimal. And besides, why drain so much energy? -

Ok, so in order to do this I warm up propperly. That means just enough to feel mobile and fresh. I top this off by stretching the hamstings and the hip flexors. I drink about half a glass of water with just a touch of salt. I do not like to drink a whole glass. It is too much and I feel full afterwards. I´ve noticed that doing this takes care of the thirst I get while swinging consecutively for 15 mins. Also: Do this with a light weight. I use 16 Kg. I´ve tried it with 24 Kg but I´ve noticed that it is too much for me. 16 Kg lets me breathe well and keeps my heart rhythm at a controlable level.

After that just cool down with a nice stretch.


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