Clubbell Mass Evolution - Swinging it all the way!

Most clubbell swingers (amateurs and/or advanced) have encountered Shane Heins, CST Head Coach, either through the internet (like me) or in person (lucky you). We´ve seen him swinging with cameras attached to the end of the clubbells, we´ve heard him talk about how to build upon knots in our body like trees do, about evolution and fitness and we´ve heard some detailed explanations on how to swing the clubbell propperly. Shane has now come out with a complete programm to get you swinging all the way through physical evolution, layer for layer, in to your new uncovered strong, lean and healthy self. And rest assured that this is no struggle for survival. It is rather an evolution in mastering the game of propper movement.

Shanes´ Clubbell Mass Evolution guides you through a clubbell based progressive incrementation of kinetic complexity. Hence the evolution. It has been designed as a three month programm that shows you how to build a propper workout system. The system has a different array of exercises for every month. Each workout has been structured in three different steps. The first step is a warmup, then you go through the clubbell exercises and finish it off with a compensatory cool down. Simple and efficient.

Shane has chosen a set of joint mobility and compensatory exercises for the warm up and cool down that match the necessities of the clubbell exercises during the workout. This means that the warm up will help you activate not only the propper heart rate but also the propper muscles you´ll be using. The cool down will help you eliminate any residue tension accumulated in the body through compensatory poses. This means you´ll be growing propper muscle tissue while eliminating the possibility of muscular dysbalance. Something that is missing in almost every other system outside of CST.

Besides the very clear structure, the programm also shows you how to structure your week with two different types of workout sessions (A and B). The approach also incorporates the classic CST scheduling variation. You can choose between the 4x7 and the 7x4 alternative. The first one means you´ll be training for four days of waving intensity repeated for 7 times (28 days). The second one means you´ll go through waving intensity for seven days repeated for 4 times (28 days). And don´t worry! This does not mean you´ll be walking all the time with sore muscles! The CST approach of waving intensity helps you regenerate and prepare your body for what´s comming. This will get you lean and strong incrementally. You start with a no-intensity day, go through low- and moderat-intensity and finish it off with a high-intensity session.

Everyone seeking for a great offer and a helpful guide on how to learn propper clubbell swinging will find much joy and challenge in Shanes´ CME. The quality of the videos is fantastic and there´s much effort put in to this production. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. Due to the fact I live in Germany I have not yet decided to import any DVD´s. The CME programm is available as download so no need for long waiting and extra import taxes here!

Swinging it all the way!


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