Hi everyone, it's been a long time since I've been posting on my blog. I'm still training hard and getting stronger and stronger at my tender age of 37. One big reason for becoming so strong now is that I met the person portrayed in this documentary I am sharing here. I directed it as part of a collaboration between my subtitling company baumanntext and a film production company called Cine Concepción. This man has become one of my heroes. I hope you enjoy the documentary. I made it with love, passion and with my own money. Please share it if you like it.


Tutorial on how to master the muscle up on the gymnastics rings.

Hello friends!

OMG it has been so long, a lot has happened, I've aged but luckily I have also become stronger :)

After taking a LOOOONG break I finally managed to edit a new video. It's a tutorial and in-depth analysis of the muscle up on the gymnastics rings. Learn how to master the transition from the pull-up into the dip. I hope you like it! Stay strong, stay healthy!



No time for workouts workout

Hello friends!
So I finally decided to make a video of this extremely short workout. It takes only five minutes and is as intense as it can get. The workout consists of 20 non stop sets of 10 pushups and 10 deep squats. This makes a total rep count of 200 reps and the challenge is to complete them in under 5 minutes.

The first time I did it I just said to myself "I want to do 100 pushups and 100 squats". So I took the time and got them done in 7 minutes. After that I tried the workout again, but a little bit faster and got it done in 6 minutes. It took me about 2 weeks to do it in under 5 minutes. Cadence here is everything. You got to do 10 reps every 15 seconds to hit the under 5 minutes mark.

If you have an interval timer try doing 10 reps every 30 seconds until you finish and then try 10 reps every 25 seconds, then 10 reps every 20 seconds and last but not least 10 reps every 15 secs. This will help you get the cadence right. As you can see I simply use the lap timer to see if I'm still on time.

Lately I've been doing this two times in a row. I'll finish the first 200 reps in under 5 minutes, then I rest for 10 minutes doing tai chi twists and deep breathing. After that I do it again but I still have not managed to get the second round in under 5 minutes. My best time for the second round is still 5 minutes and 12 seconds! I'll get there soon enough :)

Try it out!

p.d. notice that I simply jumped in to the workout without really warming up or anything. I've found that the workout is actually also a killer warmup(!). Notice also that when I'm squatting I swing my arms back and forth. This opens up the chest, calms the muscles and prepares me for the next set of pushups. Try and see what works for you.


Absolute minimal workout

Hello friends, I just left Guatemala and now I´m back in London. Here´s one of my last workouts in Guatemala. It´s clean and simple, like it should be.Enjoy!cb

p.d. I just recently broke a record I want to get on video. 100 pushups + 100 deep squats in under 5 minutes. My current record is 4.49. But don´t believe it till you see it! :D


Two videos!

Hello there again!
I´m feeling very happy today so I decided to edit two videos. The first one is a chest and shoulder workout, the second one is a leg regeneration workout. This one helps me get any leg soreness away for good.
Both workouts are short, simple and effective. I love doing them in the morning.
Stay tuned, I´ll be sending more soon!


Bodyweight leg practice

Hello again,
here`s a short video on nleg practice for strength. It`s an intermediate workout. Simple and efficient and works very well when you don`t have extra weights or want to practice one legged centered exercises.
It's for rounds of three sets each.


50 non stop pushups and planks alternation

Hey there!
long time no see!! - I´ve been busy having fun but I finally took the time to do something. These are just 50 pushups, but I think it´s not easy to do them without getting out of the horizontal position.


Perfect movement through age

Hey there!
This is just an example that quality movement also comes with age and through experience.