Indian Clubbells - short and effective variation

Two in a row! - I guess having vacations is good for writing blogs :)
I have been practicing with my 8Kg (17,6 pounds) indian clubbell I bought a couple of months ago. The form of this clubbell is nice, but the paint is chiping off.

I have never really trained propperly with clubbells. All I do is practice different movements and put them together in a choreography which I repeat for every side. The choreography changes constantly. And I´ll either use clubbells as a segment in my workout or I´ll swing with them for the cool down. This routine is a medium intensity array of movements performed consecutively for two minutes with a 30 seconds rest in between. The intervals are repeated four times summing up to 10 minutes of clubbell swinging.

I´ve noticed that my form is still in the need of getting better. I mean, getting better basically never ends. But now that I got myself the Mass Clubbell Evolution of Shane Heins (review in previous blog) I´m planning on really hiting it hard this year with clubbells. I love the fact that the rotational muscles get more attention with clubbells in comparison to kettlebells. I also love the circularity of the movements and while I´m swinging I´m always tripping about warriors and how they used to train and stuff. Swinging swords, chopping up the enemy, lol.
Enjoy! and happy new year again!


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Hi Christian,

das sieht richtig gut aus,was Du da mit der Keule machst ;-)

Interessanter Blog!
Werde Dir als Leser mal folgen.......
Gruss Brucedala

Christian hat gesagt…

hallo Bruce!
das höre ich gerne! - deine Webseite finde ich auch extrem toll. Schade, dass du nicht in Berlin wohnst. Habe noch keine Schwunggenossen gefunden.
Schönes Neues!