40-30-20-10 Kettlebell Challenge! Are you up for it?

i´d love to try something out. And I would love to see if I can get some feedback from you as well!

Last saturday I saw a training partner do a Kettlebell challenge that looked hard and awesome. Let me tell you: It´s so freaking hard and it will make you sweat like nothing!

I asked: what did you do?
She answered: The 40-30-20-10 challenge.

It goes like this: You start doing 40 Snatches (20left+20right), then you do 40 squats with your kettlebell behind your head or in front (gobblet squat), then you do 40 cleans (20l+20r) and finish with 40 Jerks (20l+20r). Then you repeat the whole thing but with 30 snatches, squats, cleans and jerks, then 20, then 10. Oh yeah, did I mention you can´t put the Kettlebell on the ground :D

I played big shot and tried right away with the 20Kg Kettlebell. Big mistake! hahaha, by the end of the third round (20 reps) I had to stop and I was beging for mercy. This is a great workout! WOWA-WIWA!

I´ll try it out again this week with 16 Kg.

Are you up for the challenge?
Tell me about it! and if you finish, tell me how long it took you.

Cheers and hope to hear from you soon!

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