Let´s make Humus!

I had the day off and decided to cook what has become my favorite recipee: Humus.

Humus is very tasty and nutritious. I like to eat it alone or mixed with eggs, fish, meat and/or any type of vegetables. There´s also good protein in humus as well. Veggies out there take notice!

You will need:
- Chick peas
- Garlic (use as much as you like)
- Ginger
- 1 orange
- 3 lemons
- 6-10 tablespoons Olive oil (or more)
- 1-2 tablespoons of Tahin (sesame-seed paste)
- Salt

This is what you do:
Let the chick peas rest in water over night. Cook them the next day for one hour without salt. Squeeze the lemons and your orange inside, chop the ginger as well, put the oil, tahin, salt and garlic in the bowl. The order does not matter at all. Finally blend everything and that´s it! - I mean, it´s very easy.

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