DIY Clubbells and several exercises to get you started

Check this out,
I live in Germany and I have no idea where to get indian clubbells. They are rare. Americans have the chance to order them via internet. But germans don´t. So I decided to make my own. They are not the prettiest, but they sure as hell get the job done. All you need is a stick (I cut up a broom stick), weight (I use two very cheep ankle weights) and ingenuity to put them together in such a manner so that they do not move or fall off (that could hurt).
This is what my 2Kg/4.4Lbs."indian" clubbell looks like:

This is how they typically look like:

UPDATE: I now own my very own REAL clubbell! 8Kg (17pounds).

I told you my clubbell was no beauty queen. But like I said it works and the weights stay where they should. I managed to get me a book by amazon.de on clubbells called "Indian clubs and dumb bells" written by J.H. Dougherty in 1911. It´s a really nice book with really cool drawings.  The explanations are good and I love the old school style of it. I love to kick it old school, period. - But you don´t really need to buy the book, this one or any other. There´s a great website from the UK with old books I found, where you can get good info on clubbell exercises. Check it out, the book is called "The indian club exercise" and it was written by Sim D. Kehoe in 1866(!).
But if that is not enough for you and you wanna go deeper in the subject, check these websites out:

1. http://bigsteel.iwarp.com/Articles2/IndianClubs/Clubs.html
2. http://issuu.com/maenterprises/docs/treasuresinattic/7?mode=embed&documentId=081113223416-07e3093548404966b6934bf709dd3822&layout=white
3. http://ejmas.com/pt/ptart_ymca_0401.htm
4. http://www.semlyen.net/cosmosjugglers/lib/contents.htm
5. http://ejmas.com/pt/ptart_treat_0501.htm

And if you wanna see me swinging it, check out my video. I´m still working on the fluidity of the movements, but I think that I´ve made good progress so far. After I have learned how to do the basic movements I intend to progress to the figures for 2 clubbells. I´ll need to build me another clubbell or maybe I´ll start over again and build two new ones. I´ll let you know. Enjoy!

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