Joint Mobility 15 Minutes Follow Along

Hello again,
so, this one is about joint mobility. I picked this type of exercise just recently this year around march. I´ve seen a lot of material on the topic and several videos with different movements. My favorites being the ones offered by Steve Maxwell on his website and on his encyclopedia of joint mobility. The last one is a gold mine when it comes to joint mobility. Scott Sonnon has a great repertoir of movements as well. His "Free to move book" is great, the intu-flow videos are fantastic and I love some of the movements in his joint mobility dvd within the Kettlebells foundation 3-DVD-series. - Oh, and John Sifferman and Katerina Pisetsky have got very nice videos on youtube as well.

I decided to show you my routine. It varies from day to day, I might do more repetitions of some movements the one day or I might incorporate some other movements the other day. It all depends on how I feel and I really just go with the flow. This routine was done with a limit of 15 secs. for every movement. I´ve found this to be very efective and like I said, if you wanna do more, just simply do it.

I know that a lot of people seek to find some type of exercise to take care of back and neck pain. I find that joint mobility can help you, but that you will have to work on your intensity a little bit more in order to properly rehabilitate the problem area. Joint mobility is more of a prehab than it is a rehab. Don´t get me wrong, it works, but in order to regain pain free mobility, you need to regain strength. (Check out an example) - I suffered of a C1-C2 neck subluxation this year. As you can see, my neck mobility is not perfect, but it is not bad. You should have seen it before! I use joint mobility to warm up the muscles in my neck, but after that I use a series of isometric exercises throughout the day in order to maintain stability in my neck. Muscles and joints need time to heal and flush the scar tissue stored through time. I found that these type of isometric neck exercises help a lot. A combination of joint mobility and these throughout the day will take care of most type of pains and stiffnesses. You´ll need to learn how to find the sweet spots, but once you do, you´ll know what to do. A great tip is to never ever go higher than a level 3 to 4 of pain out of 10. Never! Scott Sonnon uses the expression: Work your self to the tension, not through the tension. This is holly knowledge man. Shave the tension off, don´t fight it off, it´ll just get worse.

One thing must be said: You really need to be patient and persistant. Don´t give up. Some days are just horrible, I know, but no matter what, keep your muscles alive! - Heal your joints through movement. It´s the only way. Pills might help on some occasions, but they only mute the neurotransmitters, they do not solve the problem. I personally choose not to go to pills.

There´s an old chinese saying that goes something like this: Illness takes as long to heal as it took to come about. Neck and back problems are usually due to a history of bad posture, muscular imbalances and poor body mechanics. I read a fantastic book that helped me a lot to understand the basic and most important aspects of pain and how to repair them, slowly but surely. It´s called "Book of body maintenance and repair". Check it out.


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