Janda Sit up without Pavel Tsatsouline Pavelizer - burn your abs at home!

Check this out, so I´m reading Pavels bullet proof abs book and I´m really curious about this supposedly hardest sit up ever called the janda sit up. Problem is that it only describes how to do it with this ridiculous looking contraption called the Pavelizer or by having a friend assist you. - So, I have a major problem with this, I live in Germany, it´s hard enough to get these books here and I really don´t wanna go poor (which I already am :) and invest money on this horrible chunk of metal. Which by the way looks like this:


So I figured out that the mechanics of the exercise are really simple and basic. You can do this without the assistance from friends in your own room and most important: without the pavelizer!

Comrades, all you will be needing is:
1. Pull up bar
2. Deuser Band or something similar
3. A tube or hard stick of some sort.

My solution looks like this:


Check the video out. And notice the great benefit of having a rubber band to easily variate the intensity level of the sit up. Oh yeah, by the way, Pavel says that if you can do 5 of these you´re a man, even if you are a woman. I can only do one. What does that mean?


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