Push up board - a great and transportable fitness tool

hello again,
today was a long day. I closed the 2nd of 4 cycles with a very nice bike tour to the lake (44 kms. in all), a small push up board routine in between and to top it all off I jumped in to the lake by 13 degrees temperature. the water was probably 5 to 8 degrees colder.

the push up board is great, I still need to get better at it, my form is still a long way from being really good. but what I´m doing does not look half as bad as I thought it would.

Check out this small push up board routine. this type of outdoor training was inspired by Dominik Feischl, you really need to check out this nature friendly and insanely strong guy.

Here´s the push up board routine:


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Das is cool mit dem Wassergeräusch im Hintergrund :)