Long cycles, long rides!

hello again,
Finally got my self to practice long cycles with the 24Kg Kettlebell. Until now I´v only trained with 16Kg and 20Kg. Both with 1 Kettlebell and 2 Kettlebells. So now I´m up to 24Kg. It´s a good weight. But I like to start conservative anyway. I´m doing routines of 3 and 4 minutes with only one change of hands. I wanna work up to 10 minutes in 7 to 10 weeks. I´ll try to let you know how it goes. The form needs shaving, but so do I.

And after the workout:

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Das liest sich gut,was Deine Pläne für die nächste Zeit betrifft ;-)

Bleib dran....
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