Happy to anounce…

Hey everyone,
I promise to post something more informative next time, but for the time being I´m very proud to anounce that I´m a new member of the IKFF :)

Wow, this weekend was so nice. I went down to Bad Vilbel (near Frankfurt Main) to Karol Szwands beautiful Gym he has built to take part in a Seminar with Steve Cotter and I now got my first Kettlebell certification :)

The seminar was very demanding! I swinged every single second of it. I´ve never trained for such extended periods of time. I´ve trained hard and heavy, but never this long. This weekend everyone was basically swinging every day the whole day! - The one thing I do not understand is how I managed NOT to rip my calluses! - They stayed pretty much safe the whole time. My snatching has really improved a lot, it´s the only exercise where I tend to rub against my callus.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my joy through this blog and give a big shoutout to everyone of my swinger mates that took part in the seminar as well. The group was nice and small and the group dynamic was very good!

Steve Cotter is a heavy metal swinging man with almost unlimited strength resources! Calm and patient, intense and relaxed. How does he do it? I don´t know, but it´s good to have seen him in action personally.

Cheers and untill next time!


Anonym hat gesagt…

Congrats to get the cert!!!
Respect for your performance during this day;You are a beast :-)

I was at the fkf gym for twice times and i had a few personal hours by karol!He is a great teacher and nice guy too!

Take care and enjoy your time ;-)

Christian hat gesagt…

thank you bruce! i´ve never felt so good for being called a beast! :)
cheers man and have a nice week.