40-30-20-10 Challenge completed!

Servus Leute, Hello Friends (englih version is a few lines below)
wie wär´s, wenn ich einmal auf deutsch Schreibe? :) super, ist ja nicht meine Muttersprache, aber wer würde es erkennen, wenn er weiß, dass ich Baumann heiße? :P
Also die Einheit ist, trotz der 16Kg leichten Kugel, brutal!!
Ich habe insgesamt 28 Minuten gebraucht. Die Kugel wurde kein einziges Mal auf dem Boden geslegt. Hier also meine Frage: Wie sieht´s aus? Ist hier jemand bereit für die mega Challenge!?!?!
Würde mich sehr freuen :)

I finished the challenge today (see previous blog). It´s brutal. Despite the fact I used the 16Kg Kettlebell. I started last week with 20Kg and had to face the reality of my big ego confronting my small muscles :(
but that doesn´t matter. I´m gonna get better at this!
My next challenge is to finish it with 20Kg. Eventually i´ll try it with 24Kg.


40-30-20-10 Kettlebell Challenge - Snatch, Squat, Clean and Jerk from misterbaumann on Vimeo.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Congrats to this great perfomance ;-)

That is realy a big challenge and i am not sure to handle this too!

Good snatch ;-)
But your jerk looks more like a push press!I think the weight was to low for you ;-)

Take care!

Christian hat gesagt…

Hello Bruce,
thank you for your comment!
the weight was low for me, but the duration made the difference. I´ll try with 20 next time, maybe on saturday.
Can you explain to me the difference between jerk and push press? I really don´t know :P

Anonym hat gesagt…

The jerk is more a full body combination than the push press!
Please look at my link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etB3-bwtm84

S.Sonnon at his best :-)
Very good explaining to do the jerk in a proper form!
I hope this is helpfull....
Take care!

Christian hat gesagt…

thank you bruce,
I think i got it.

gallochapin hat gesagt…

good training m8, don't have kettle-bells in the gym, but def will be looking for one and also looking forward to take the challenge, the info is great btw. take it easy bruv,
actually what i mean is keep training heavy and hard.
ec. P